Thursday, September 22, 2022

How's Love At First Bite

 "The first and only chapter of my mortal days......" the woman walked slowly out of the main street pharmacy, her black leather jacket, short but warm, fluttered in the cool autumn breeze. Her long black hair had a sophisticated look for a very beautiful young lady. 

She smiled at the full moon, which seemed to be calling out to her. She made her way down towards the bus stop -on the corner of Main street and Luzon, crescent-looking, both left and right, her eyes glowing bright emerald green. Just like a wild cat searching for her next course in the deserted plain of Africa. 

She shivered, then looking at the stars, she began to whisper something like ''diamonds, so many diamonds''. Her lips were purchased in a luxurious kissing position, which looked frozen from a distance. Though quite in her pursuit to catch a bus home, she is startled by a rustling in the bushes, instinctively she turns around to investigate where the sound was coming from. 

Then all of a sudden a hand grabs the woman's neck lifting her from the ground, trying to break free she screams a high-pitched scream, but it seemed like the hand just tightened its grip on her neck. The hand suddenly drops its grip on the young lady, she drops to the ground gasping for air, then the body slowly and quietly came out of the trees. It was a man with tall, dark-haired, masculine, with broad shoulders, eyes a scorching crimson red. The man grabbed the terrified woman's waist with both hands he pulled her up toward his own magnificent figure, and he smiled at her the light of the lamp post glittered off his teeth, she tried to smile back, but confusion bubbled in her eyes, and the man suppressed a laugh. He suddenly leaned in towards her, and it took her by surprise, he then kissed her, his kiss was not soft it was urgent, like a going away and never coming back kiss. A farewell kiss. 

The woman's heart was thudding in a rapid, disjointed rhythm. And she was suddenly kissing him back. How could anyone not want to kiss him back? The woman thought to herself, though I hardly even know him, and what about when he just tried to kill me? 

What about that? She soon realized that she was holding her breath, and tried to break free of his kiss, so she could take a breath before she would continue kissing the godly stranger standing in front of her with his arms wrapped around her tightly. 

"The man's hands squeezed her gently, though they felt tight on her. One of his hands moved up her spine, and up to the nape of her neck, she shivered with pleasure as the man so beautiful, handsome, and pure pulled her closer towards his cold stone body, though he was as hard as stone, that did not stop her sudden quest to please this stranger that was stealing her heart. The woman's arms folded around the god's neck, and she was only grateful to this man for making her night.




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