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Sales Manager Leadership (FREIGHT SYSTEMS INDIA)

Designation: Sales Manager Leadership 

Department: Sales

Reports To :Regional Sales Manager/Branch Manager

Job Summary:

Responsible for the development and performance of all sales activities in assigned market with the

objective of achieving maximum profitability and growth in line with company vision and values.

Establishes plans and strategies to expand the customer base in the assigned territory

Key Responsibilities:

New Client Acquisition, meet OR exceed budgets for the assigned territory

Meet OR exceed all activity standards for prospecting calls, appointments, presentations, proposals and closures

Develop a business plan and sales strategy for the market that ensures attainment of company sales goals and profitability

Setting individual sales targets with the sales team

Overseeing the activities and performance of the sales team

Developing sales team through motivation, counseling and product knowledge education.

Prepare action plans for effective search of sales leads and prospects

Developing new business prospect listing to ensure that future new business development is planned in advance

Manages RFQ & tenders and quotes for Business and achieve a high success rate in closing deals

Provides sales and other required reports to the Senior Management

Key Metrics (KPI’s):

Budget Achievement – As allocated for the assigned territory (both personal and team)

Customer Visits and joint sales calls

Collections- Account receivables should be in the allotted credit period

Deep selling

Client retention

Key Account Management

Skills & Competencies required:

Job Description

Technical/Generic Skills

Meeting Sales goals

Motivation for sales team

Negotiation Skills

Presentation skills

Sales Planning

Behavioral Skills

Very good Communication Skills


Very good team player

Interpersonal skills

Qualification & Experience:

Graduate/ Post Graduate / MBA in Sales and marketing preferred.

Requires 10-12 years of relevant experience in the industry

Note : The candidate should be doing Warehouse sales

Salary package - 7-12 Lakh Annual 

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Business Development Associate/Sr. and Jr.

 Business Development Associate/Sr. and Jr.

  • As a BDA you are reaching out to prospects and guiding them through the existing tech-landscape

  • With a customer-centric approach, you will qualify their career goals and identify how Scaler can help them.

  • Following up with existing prospects to ensure that we are able to open up new realms of possibilities through the power of Scaler!

  • Above all, a committed attitude towards the completion of daily inputs and outputs, with the goal of matching (and exceeding!) targets.

Salary Package - 6-1100000/- Yearly 

Immediately Joining 

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Company Name - Edu.Tech 

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What Is The Weight Management And Obesity

 Fundamentals of Nutrition, Calorie Balance, and Body Weight. -

         Weight management and obesity prevention are two of the hottest topics in health and nutrition today. Clinicians from virtually every medical field seek information on these topics, in part, because of the vast number of patients who have an abnormal or undesirable weight status. This chapter will provide an overview of calorie balance and the macronutrients that contribute to energy intake.

waight loss

  Calorie Balance -

         Body weight is primarily determined by a simple concept known as energy balance. Energy balance is the ratio of energy ingested through foods and beverages to the energy expended through basal metabolism, the therms effect of food, and physical activity.

         The energy discussed in nutrition and weight management is measured in kilocalories (kcal). One kcal is defined as the amount of heat, or energy, necessary to raise 1 kg of water by 1 °C. Although the scientifically correct term for this energy is kcal, most consumer-facing and educational resources refer to this energy as simply calories. 

Energy ingested -

         Energy or calories, ingested by human beings comes from four macronu­trients: carbohydrate, fat, protein, and alcohol. Based on its corresponding chemical structure, each of these macronutrients will provide a particular level of energy, or calories, per gram ingested. Carbohydrates and protein are the least energy-dense, of the macro­nutrients, providing ~4 kcal/g. Alcohol provides 7 kcal/g. Fat is the most energy-dense, providing ~9 kcal/g. The caloric content of foods and beverages is based on the grams of carbohydrates, fat, protein, and alcohol in the associated product. For example, if a food’s nutrition facts label states that it has 25 g of carbohydrate (CHO), 1 g of fat (FAT), 1 g of protein (PRO), and no alcohol per single serving, then one serving of that food should have ~113 kcal (although, due to the rounding off some of these num­ber, the label may state that the caloric content is slightly higher or lower than this number). Performed in the examples above may be slightly different from the numbers appearing on the label itself. In addition, the labeling rules for alcohol-containing products are different from nonalcoholic products; therefore, traditional nutrition facts labels may not be available on all alcohol-containing products.


Whos stood in the shadows Ghost : The Spirit Denizens


ghost image google
The day was coming to an end. The sky outside was a shade of topaz, the deepening topaz of sunset. Long shadows had crept in under the door, through the windows, and into the empty corridor of the vast deserted house. Leaves and branches grew through cracks in the walls where the plaster had peeled off.


“Are you sure you want to stay back?” the other masons had asked him.


“Yes,” he had said. He had to finish the repairs.


Now he was having second thoughts. It didn’t seem a wise decision to have stayed back alone. There was something about this place; he couldn’t put a finger on it, but it wasn’t a comfortable feeling. But the repairs had to be carried out. Anyway, he would be done soon, he told himself, as he hummed a tune under his breath. Then he froze.  A little distance away, where the tumult of the birds seemed to end the darkness grew denser, someone stood in the shadows, a hazy silhouette indistinct in the gloom. It seemed to be a woman. But no one lived in the house. Who was she? What was she doing there at this indifferent hour, when the day lingers on the threshold of the night?


Heart thudding against his ribs, the mason turned to see if any of his fellow workers were still around. But they had all left. He was the only one who had stayed back. He turned again to look at the woman.

She stood there. A woman with long hair, clearer but still hazy. Then she vanished, as suddenly as she had appeared.

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How's Love At First Bite

 "The first and only chapter of my mortal days......" the woman walked slowly out of the main street pharmacy, her black leather jacket, short but warm, fluttered in the cool autumn breeze. Her long black hair had a sophisticated look for a very beautiful young lady. 

She smiled at the full moon, which seemed to be calling out to her. She made her way down towards the bus stop -on the corner of Main street and Luzon, crescent-looking, both left and right, her eyes glowing bright emerald green. Just like a wild cat searching for her next course in the deserted plain of Africa. 

She shivered, then looking at the stars, she began to whisper something like ''diamonds, so many diamonds''. Her lips were purchased in a luxurious kissing position, which looked frozen from a distance. Though quite in her pursuit to catch a bus home, she is startled by a rustling in the bushes, instinctively she turns around to investigate where the sound was coming from. 

Then all of a sudden a hand grabs the woman's neck lifting her from the ground, trying to break free she screams a high-pitched scream, but it seemed like the hand just tightened its grip on her neck. The hand suddenly drops its grip on the young lady, she drops to the ground gasping for air, then the body slowly and quietly came out of the trees. It was a man with tall, dark-haired, masculine, with broad shoulders, eyes a scorching crimson red. The man grabbed the terrified woman's waist with both hands he pulled her up toward his own magnificent figure, and he smiled at her the light of the lamp post glittered off his teeth, she tried to smile back, but confusion bubbled in her eyes, and the man suppressed a laugh. He suddenly leaned in towards her, and it took her by surprise, he then kissed her, his kiss was not soft it was urgent, like a going away and never coming back kiss. A farewell kiss. 

The woman's heart was thudding in a rapid, disjointed rhythm. And she was suddenly kissing him back. How could anyone not want to kiss him back? The woman thought to herself, though I hardly even know him, and what about when he just tried to kill me? 

What about that? She soon realized that she was holding her breath, and tried to break free of his kiss, so she could take a breath before she would continue kissing the godly stranger standing in front of her with his arms wrapped around her tightly. 

"The man's hands squeezed her gently, though they felt tight on her. One of his hands moved up her spine, and up to the nape of her neck, she shivered with pleasure as the man so beautiful, handsome, and pure pulled her closer towards his cold stone body, though he was as hard as stone, that did not stop her sudden quest to please this stranger that was stealing her heart. The woman's arms folded around the god's neck, and she was only grateful to this man for making her night.



How Can Get Money On Just Discussion With Other On Beer-Money-Forum Website.


Get Money On Just Discussion With Other On Beer-Money-Forum Website. - 

Today, I am sharing some tips and tricks with the review and creating cash from the brew cash Forum. However, before beginning, some facts. 
  1. BMF isn't creating you richly; it's simply a medium to share valuable thoughts.  
  2. Do not be a transmitter. Do real work; admins and moderators can encourage your work.  



Beer money Forum is a website dedicated to beer money chevaliers. - 

You can earn money by sharing your knowledge, experiences, and valuable ideas on the Beer money forum. 
Cryptocurrencies, gambling, affiliate marketing, and SEO are just a few of the topics covered. 
People visit these forums to express their views, and they are rewarded for doing so. 
The beer money forum is like other forums in that it provides excellent customer service and a pleasant user interface. 

Instructions to procure an award from the Beer money discussion - 

There are numerous ways of procuring from the Beer money discussion. They give remunerates similarly to every individual who helps other people. Their prize token is known as the BMF token. 
  • Acquire 20 BMF tokens for each new remark. 
  • Procure 50 BMF tokens for each new string. 
  • Acquire 1000 BMF tokens for new reference. (new ref should be checked by answering 100 remarks) 
  • Assuming somebody enjoys your substance. Subsequently, you will get a 10 BMF token 
  • Day-to-day log dormancy will give you a 5/10 BMF token. 
  • Acquire 500 Points for announcing spam messages. 
  • The rate is 1000BMF token = $1

How Can We Use And Earn From PAIDERA Website


What's Paid-era?

             Paid-era is an internet platform where you could do numerous obligations and make money in going back. The varieties of duties you could do at Paid-era vary. You can take surveys, answer quizzes, add movies, or write an editorial endorsing the website. Some other way to earn cash via this website is via sending your buddies a Paid-era referral hyperlink.    

             Joining Paid-era is 100% unfastened. You do not need to fear approximately entering your credit card information to join the website. However, it'll need the e-mail you use on PayPal. So you can receive payment.  What obligations Does Paid-era offer? Would not have products that you may promote. What it has as a substitute are some of the duties that you can do to change for a fee. So what are a number of those obligations?  
Surveys and Quizzes-  

            Paid-era will pay you to finish some surveys and take quizzes on the site. The subjects of those surveys and quizzes range. You could take a survey of approximately customer products, inclusive of garb, mobile phones, devices, footwear, and more. It additionally has surveyed restaurants, tourism and journey, flights, healthcare, motors, and food purchasing.  
Other surveys, such as media responsibility, truck driver pleasure, employee benefits and pride, and absence of motivation, are sort of at the off-the-crushed route. Plus, there may be a Jungian person persona check and introversion vs. extroversion test if those are your cup of tea. And what approximately the price? You'll receive as little as $0.05 to as lots as $0.30 in line with the survey.    

How to Your Personality Become a Strong & Effective

 Assessing Your Skills 

Since leadership is not a skill most of us are born with, it becomes essential to be aware of assessing our skills. Discover where you lack and what you need to improve on. The following questions will help you have an idea of your leadership skills and how much work you need to dedicate to your development. Here are 14 questions that will help you define your leadership 

  • Can you identify your three main strengths? 
  • Can you identify your three main areas of concern? 
  • Do your actions reflect your words and values? 
  • Do you listen carefully to the ideas of those who disagree with you? 
  • Are you bolding enough to ask for feedback on your behaviors?  
  • Use the information you gather as a tool to get to know yourself better?  
  • When others do something wrong, do you take the time to help them see what they need to

How & Where Is Promote Article or Blog And Get Huge Views & Traffic

 In this article, I suggest a way of promoting your article or blog and generating a huge number of views or traffic, In this article mentioned a Few websites for article or blog promotion. So read this article properly and earn lots of money. 

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Medium is a social publishing platform that's public to all and home to a different array of stories, ideas, and perspectives. Anyone can live as a separate contributor, and popularize content on medium pasture from internal fitness to sociable media, and from public affairs and trending news to productivity hacks.


How it works -  Medium for pens. Anyone (or any brand) can subscribe to a freestanding medium account and start writing. Pens can issue separate, stand- exclusively posts or contribute to publications of curated short stories or curate a publication themselves. Posts Anything goes with the posts on Medium.

How to Build a Powerful Blog Content Strategy


Fabricate a Strong Blog Content Technique

The incredible substance is the foundation of any blog. It is imperative to make an excellent webpage, help web traffic, and lay down a good foundation for yourself as an industry-driving blogger. In any case, it tends to be hard to tell where to begin, or how to start this way. Fret not - In this article, we look at how you can get everything rolling creating and conveying significant substance that forms a strong structure for your site.

  • What are watchwords?

To make a strong blog content methodology, it is fundamental to figure out watchwords. Catchphrases are the terms or expressions that potential perusers look for when they are searching for data on the web. By focusing on unambiguous catchphrases in your blog content, you can make your articles more apparent and simpler to track down in web search tools. This will assist you with drawing in additional perusers and developing your crowd.

To pick the right watchwords for your blog, begin by contemplating the points and specialties that you expound on most frequently. What are the normal inquiries that your perusers have? What terms do they utilize while looking for data? Conceptualize a rundown of expected watchwords, and afterward, use web index instruments like Google AdWords Catchphrase Organizer to figure out which of those watchwords are generally famous and liable to create traffic.

When you have a rundown of target catchphrases, work them into your blog content in a characteristic manner. Use them in your titles, headings, and all through the body of your articles. Try not to stuff your watchwords in fake or constrained ways, as this can bring about the lower quality substance that switches perusers off. All things being equal, center around making educational, drawing in, and watchword rich substance that will assist you with building serious areas of strength for an and draw in natural rush hour gridlock from search

  • Step-by-step instructions to actually utilize catchphrases

Could it be said that you are fearing concocting new blog thoughts for many weeks? You're in good company. It's hard to continually think of new, pertinent subjects that will connect with your crowd. In any case, there's a method for making the cycle a ton simpler: by utilizing catchphrases.

Catchphrases are the groundwork of any great blog content methodology. That is on the grounds that they assist you with focusing on the subjects that your crowd is keen on. Be that as it may, how would you approach tracking down the right watchwords? Furthermore, whenever you've found them, how would you utilize them actually?

Here are a few ways to utilize watchwords to construct a strong blog content methodology:

1. Use watchword research apparatuses.

There are a few different watchword research instruments accessible on the web, similar to find out about AdWords Catchphrase Organizer and Word Stream's Free Catchphrase Device. These apparatuses can assist you with finding famous watchwords that are pertinent to your specialty.

2. Target long-tail catchphrases.

Long-tail catchphrases are more unambiguous and will quite often be less serious than short-tail watchwords. That implies they can be an extraordinary choice for independent ventures or websites simply beginning. An illustration of a long-tail catchphrase could be "natural canine food

Significant blog points for Website design enhancement and rankings

  1. Instructions to pick the right publishing content for a blog stage
  2. What are the advantages of writing for a blog?
  3. What sorts of content perform best on a blog?
  4. How frequently would it be advisable for you to blog?
  5. Instructions to advance your blog content
  6. Estimating the progress of your blog content system

How Can We Have Finacial Freedom After Using Newsbreak?


What is the NewsBreak Website And Their Function

News Break is the country's chief stage for savvy nearby news. News Break associates and engages local clients, local substance makers, and local organizations at scale. Eventually, this will guarantee individuals all over the planet live more secure, seriously satisfying, and more associated lives. Through organizations with a great many nearby distributors and organizations around the country, News Break's need is to energize another age of peruses to see and cooperate with the pertinent, locally printed content and information.

Notwithstanding the large number of customary media shops the release disperses, the notice is likewise a permanent spot for top-quality independent columnists, bloggers, essayists, and video supporters of distributing local substance for our clients. By partaking in the news announcement benefactor organization, you will see and develop your crowd while additionally procuring income from your commitment to this site. Step-by-step instructions to Start with, and pursue the Benefactor Organization. From that point, you'll construct your profile and start composing. All video givers ought to apply for fastening and bear a survey methodology. Each composed and video story will be distributed utilizing your consistent record if it is acknowledged. A short clarification of the parts for a superior comprehension of joining the site


Distribute site declarations, site hits, supporters, FAQs, and assets on your Dashboard.


Guidelines for utilizing this entrance, making neighborhood content, and tracking down a group of people Here is a rule on the most proficient method to compose an article per this rule. Posting a video in the How to Transfer Video Article Content organizing determines the sort of arrangement utilized for the production of an article. Content themes You can make content about what you know and are energetic about.


In this segment, the essayist composes articles according to his ability, alters articles, distributes articles, and gives guidance for the title. Title: All titles ought to follow the accompanying tips to guarantee the right conveyance: Be liberated from misleading content words and arrangements (this incorporates overstated words like "phenomenal" or "must-see") and bullet point articles for non-neighborhood themes. It doesn't acknowledge offensive proclamations like "This is the one thing you wish to know..." be genuinely right and straightforwardly connected with the substance and separate from the other sensationalized or tricky articulations. Be liberated from the composing framework and linguistic blunders.



Dangerous & Mysterious Human-being in Asia Aghori-Aghora.

 Surprising Facts About the Aghori

What will a bunch of naked, ash-covered individuals invariably go to at a riverside, intake what we have a tendency to envisage to be unholy ingredients, and interested in lewdly sexual behaviors look like? Some quiet circus act? the solution is that the Aghori

So tons in order that, there`s even AN Indian figure with the fundamental quantity Aghori, used whereas concerning a soiled person. If simplest humans took an additional in-depth look, they`d perceive that the Aghoris have the identical underlying purpose for or their practices as another theist would square measure seeking God. Aghoris square measure seeking AN ascetic way, then long as their practices do currently now not motive harm to others, they need to be left to their personal and to their want.


The Mystery and Beauty of Asaro Mud Men


The Mystery And Beauty Of Asaro Mud Men

The Asaro Mudmen of Papua New Guinea are a tribe that celebrates their cultural roots with elaborate ceremonies and rituals. It is amidst these rich traditions that photographer Daniel Arnold has spent many years capturing the mystery and beauty of this tribal community.

What is Asaro Mud Men?

If you've ever seen a photo of an Asaro Mud Man, you know that they are an enigmatic and fascinating sight. But what exactly are they?

Asaro Mud Men are a type of clay sculpture that is found in the Asaro Valley of Papua New Guinea. They are created by coating a mold with mud and then adding decorations made from plant materials, bones, and shells.


The Aztec's Tribal History and the Fact That It Was the Most Dangerous Community


The Aztec's Tribal History And The Fact That It Was The Most Dangerous Community

There are many different indigenous tribes in the New World that were built on a foundation of survival. These tribes were not given an easy life and they were forced to live off the land and look out for each other. One such tribe was the Aztec tribe, and in today's article, we're going to talk about this community, its history, and the time period in which it was most dangerous.

The History of the Aztecs

The Aztecs were a nomadic tribe that originated in the northwestern Mexico region. They were a part of a larger group of Native Americans known as the Nahuatl-speaking people. The Aztecs migrated to the Valley of Mexico in the late 13th century. They settled on an island in the lake where they founded their capital, Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs built a highly organized and powerful empire. At its height, the Aztec empire included more than 80,000 people. The Aztecs were known for their warlike culture and for their practice of human sacrifice.


How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Work


Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Work

Unemployment is affecting a variety of people within the world, and it has caused many problems. One of those is that freelancing sites are increasing in numbers, and it has made it less difficult for organizations to get content achieved on the cheap.

  • What is AI and what are the implications of its destiny?

AI, or artificial intelligence, is the technique of programming a laptop to imitate human intelligence. This may be completed in several methods, however the most commonplace is thru gadget gaining knowledge. This is wherein the computer is ‘taught’ the way to do certain duties by being given a considerable amount of information. For example, a computer might be given a data set of pics and told to identify items inside them. The more records the laptop is given, the extra correct it becomes at completing the task.


Chimbu Skeleton Dancers & His Culture and Beliefs About Death


Chimbu Skeleton Dancers- Culture and Beliefs About Death


The Chimbu tribe of Papa New Guinea is a close-knit community with rich traditions and beliefs. One of their most unique and fascinating customs is their Skeleton Dancers.

The Skeleton Dancers are a group of ceremonial dancers who dress up in elaborate costumes made to resemble skeletons. They perform at funerals and other important occasions to honor the dead and communicate with the spirits.

The Chimbu believe that death is not the end, but merely a transition to another realm. The Skeleton Dancers help to guide the souls of the dead to their new homes. If you're ever lucky enough to witness a Skeleton Dance, you'll be sure to never forget it. It's a truly amazing and moving experience that will give you a glimpse into the culture and beliefs of the Chimbu people.