What a Dream Can Do to Your Tomorrow

I have this dream. I am more than dreaming of becoming a renowned writer. But I feel like it is too far to reach. However, I have my voice inside my head that makes me dream harder and work harder.

I am a dreamer. I am a person that dreams to have her book on every shelf of every library in the world.

Just trust me and don't stop!

Never stop writing because the next day your words will finally be read. I promise you…


Having a dream is not just happy all the time.

When you know you are serious and determined about it, it will finally be hard for you to live with it. But dreams give us the purpose of living this life. Aside from our loved ones, our ambition gives us the enthusiasm to work harder.

But dreams can also sometimes discourage us. Especially when you feel like it won't become your reality anymore. But after what I have experienced, our dreams aren't the ones that disheartened us. It is ourselves and our doubts.

Once you have no strong determination and trust in your fate, in your dreams, and your tomorrow, then it will be too blurry for you to make your dreams happen.

I always have doubts about myself and my work. I am not even good at English so I only ask for some help from some apps on the internet. But I know apps won't be enough especially because I am not a native English speaker which means it is difficult for me to express my idea.

How am I gonna be an international writer if I am not good at English, I mean, English is the language of global communication.

I believe I have great ideas in my mind but what would I do with my ideas if I can't share them with you by my words?

But then I realize, I don't need to share my ideas through the English language. Maybe, if my future readers like my works then it will be their job to translate my works and share them with the world. And then it will be my turn to thank them for doing it.

But the most difficult thing you will encounter when you have dreams is when you think no one believes in you but yourself, when you think you are doing nonsense. That is terrible, isn't it? But I believe our dreams and turning them into a reality is how we should prove to them that what we're doing with this dream is an important thing.

Now, I just keep on going on. Like Maddie Poppe said, “I don't know who I'll become/But I'll be going, going, gone…”

Distant lands are the most beautiful because they are hidden.


It is patience and perseverance that you need to get into your dreams

It has been so a while since I started submitting my manuscripts to any Filipino publishers that I think are suited for my story. My book is written in Filipino and I am looking forward to its publication.

But I don't think I am gonna make it easier.

It took C. S Lewis, if I am not mistaken, fourteen years to finish and publish Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. And the book was a hit. And it was a puzzle to me why did it take many years to get to publishing?

That is why I am not giving up. Because I think I have the same story of the publication process as them. And I am gonna like it in the future. I am gonna tell it to my younger generations how long I have waited to get my first book debut.

I know that it would be too difficult to become a renowned writer in the future but I always have hopes and I am not gonna surrender. I always try because I don't want to regret the days I didn't use for trying to get published.

I loathe regrets that is why I never miss a thing to try.

I have me beautiful message and theme in my book which is why I am too determined to make it into the famous shelves in the Philippines. I don't only have an exquisite storyline but also a message and a lesson that my readers would probably get from reading my books in the future.

And also, I know that God is helping me reach my dreams. I know that if I have good intentions for what I am doing, God will help me. He had given me so many things I asked for and haven't asked and I am so grateful for it.

I have Him with me so I have no doubt I can be who I really wanna be.

I fly high as I can and I write until my ink runs out. And I turn my pages as my fingers can, and I will imagine and share as I am living my life. Because words are immortal.

Salamat sa pagbasa. Mahal ko kayo, mga Scribers! Gihigugma ko Kamo, mga Scribers! Ingat. Amping.

Yes, that's my question too.

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